Chocolate overload

Hey ho everyone!

When I was in New Zealand some girls and I went  to this cute little restaurant in Hamilton every tuesday night. Cause tuesday nights they have dessert night! That means all Desserts half Price !!! And they have so many diffrent, yummy  things you just want to try all! Chocolate brownies, Cocolate cake, Chocolate Fondue, Cheese cake, Icecream variations and more. and then there was the chocolate overload…

The chocolate overlod is basically all desserts in one! And because I love chocolate so much my best friend and I took the chocolate overload. It’s really filling and we couldn’t eat all up, but it was sooo delish!!


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The Most Popular Foods Arond The World (Part 2)

Hey ho everyone!

You’ve probably already seen my last post. The video about the most popular foods around the world  –  at least according to Instagram Hashtacks in 2015.



The video shows (fast-)food you can find at every corner no matter in which contry you are or how big the city is. Some things you can even buy, already prepared and frozen, in the supermarket. They’re commonly known. So not really special anymore. Which is kinda sad.

Everyone knows pizza is a italian specialty, bratwurst with sauerkraut a german and paella a spanish. I’m gonna digg a little deeper to find special, traditional or exotic dishes of diffrent contries.

I wanna show you how diffrent in taste, but delishious they can be.

Ideas I’ll get from my friends I met while I was traveling around the world.

So you can be curious.


Scarlette ❤