A Turkish culinary experience in Hamburg

Hey go everyone! 

I hope you had a great weekend. I definitely  had, I’ve skyped with my friend Anne,  from the Netherlands. We’ve talked  for hours. Talking about the good old days,  it brought back some good memories. One of them was our spontaneous weekend  trip to Hamburg, Germany. 

There we’ve  done all the typical tourist things. Like going on a boat trip, sightseeing  in the city, watching the musical “The Lion King “, taking selfies in front of  famous  buildings,  visiting the “Kietz” and the “Reeperbahn” and of course visiting  some awesome restaurants. 

One of these  was the cute little Turkish restaurant “Peacetanbul”

They have really nice staff and a great atmosphere. And their food is delicious. 

This is a vegetarian burger with goat cheese and fries.

And this one are caneloni filled with spinach  and feta. 

Everything  is really  yummy and  looks really good.  They staff is really  fast and friendly. 

So if you’ll ever be in Hamburg  and you’re looking for a great  place to  eat, go to “Peacetanbul”. You won’t regret it! 


Scarlette  ❤


What a special place to cook your meals … Part 2

Hey ho everyone!

You probably were a bit confused about my last post … To remind you it was this picture.


This picture might be quite confusing for you, especialy with this title.

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What a special place to cook your meals … Part 1


Danish Æbleflæsk 

Hey ho everyone!

Today I’ve got another Comfort Food for you! It’s one of the oldest Danish dishes from the middle of the 18th century. There are different types of recipes that are prepared locally – and in its own style and variation.

Both have the two basic elements in the dish are apples and thick slices of streaky pork – which at that time either was preserved by smoking,salting or air-drying, to last for over one year. When the industrialisation period started in the 19th century -and many peasants moved to the bigger cities for work – the “Æbleflæsk” dish followed with the new inhabitants – and slowly the Apple Pork became very popular among them too.

Today the tasty and mouth watering “Æbleflæsk” is turned into a national winter supplement and recipe – that is enjoyed by nearly every Dane at wintertime – especially at Christmas time.

Photo Credit: copenhagenet.dk

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Cannoli Siciliani

Hey ho everyone!

Today I have a very special Italian recipe for you. No it’s not Pizza, nor Pasta or Lasagne. It’s a very delishious Sicilianan dessert -one of my favorites. It’s a cannoli recipe.

Photo Credit: Southernfatty.com

Cannoli are originally from Sicily and are a must-try of Sicilian cuisine. In Italy, they are commonly known as “cannoli siciliani”, Sicilian cannoli.

Cannoli consist of tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet, creamy filling usually containing ricotta. They range in size from no bigger than a finger.

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Stroopwafel -heavely sweet dutch cookies

Hey ho everyone!

Today I’ve chosen a recipe which will make your sweet tooth happy.

It’s a dutch candy called stroopwafle. Translated it means as much as syrup waffle.

The waffle is made from two thin layers of baked dough with a caramel-like syrup filling in the middle. It is one of the favotite sweets of dutch people and their tourists. I’ve tried it for the first time in the city of Gouda, where it was originally made first.

My friend from the Netherlands has send me an authentic recipe for homemade stroopwafels, cause she knows how much I love sweet things!!!


Photo Credit: Facebook/ The Good Batch


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Herring – Dutch Culture

Hey ho everyone!

So what do you think about this picture down below ? Let’s guess what these gentleman are eating…

Photo Credit: stuffdutchpeoplelike.com

These people are dutch men who eat one of their favorite small, slippery, slimy, fatty, smelly sea-creature- the hallowed Herring! To say that the Dutch like herring is a vast understatement. It’s rather a a tremendous love affair between these two.

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The Most Popular Foods Arond The World (Part 2)

Hey ho everyone!

You’ve probably already seen my last post. The video about the most popular foods around the world  –  at least according to Instagram Hashtacks in 2015.



The video shows (fast-)food you can find at every corner no matter in which contry you are or how big the city is. Some things you can even buy, already prepared and frozen, in the supermarket. They’re commonly known. So not really special anymore. Which is kinda sad.

Everyone knows pizza is a italian specialty, bratwurst with sauerkraut a german and paella a spanish. I’m gonna digg a little deeper to find special, traditional or exotic dishes of diffrent contries.

I wanna show you how diffrent in taste, but delishious they can be.

Ideas I’ll get from my friends I met while I was traveling around the world.

So you can be curious.


Scarlette ❤