What a special place to cook your meals … Part 2

Hey ho everyone!

You probably were a bit confused about my last post … To remind you it was this picture.


This picture might be quite confusing for you, especialy with this title.

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What a special place to cook your meals … Part 1


The Most Popular Foods Arond The World (Part 2)

Hey ho everyone!

You’ve probably already seen my last post. The video about the most popular foods around the world  –  at least according to Instagram Hashtacks in 2015.



The video shows (fast-)food you can find at every corner no matter in which contry you are or how big the city is. Some things you can even buy, already prepared and frozen, in the supermarket. They’re commonly known. So not really special anymore. Which is kinda sad.

Everyone knows pizza is a italian specialty, bratwurst with sauerkraut a german and paella a spanish. I’m gonna digg a little deeper to find special, traditional or exotic dishes of diffrent contries.

I wanna show you how diffrent in taste, but delishious they can be.

Ideas I’ll get from my friends I met while I was traveling around the world.

So you can be curious.


Scarlette ❤

New Year. New Blog.

Hey ho everyone!

2017 just started and I thought, why not doing a blog to share all my precious recipes I’ve collected over the years.

So here I am. My first post.

I don’t have much to say right now.

My life story you find in About me.

My locations I’ve traveled to are on the World map.

My precious recipe box

And this is a picture of my precious recipe box.  So you can see where the recipes will mainly come from. I’ve also got some recipes from my grandma in there. So just ask if you have any special requests.




Scarlette ❤