Danish Æbleflæsk 

Hey ho everyone!

Today I’ve got another Comfort Food for you! It’s one of the oldest Danish dishes from the middle of the 18th century. There are different types of recipes that are prepared locally – and in its own style and variation.

Both have the two basic elements in the dish are apples and thick slices of streaky pork – which at that time either was preserved by smoking,salting or air-drying, to last for over one year. When the industrialisation period started in the 19th century -and many peasants moved to the bigger cities for work – the “Æbleflæsk” dish followed with the new inhabitants – and slowly the Apple Pork became very popular among them too.

Today the tasty and mouth watering “Æbleflæsk” is turned into a national winter supplement and recipe – that is enjoyed by nearly every Dane at wintertime – especially at Christmas time.

Photo Credit: copenhagenet.dk

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What if we unbox each other …?!

Hey ho everyone!

Today I just wanna share this amazing video with you. Some of you might even know it already. Now you might say:” What has that to do with a food blog???!” I think this topic is present in all parts of our life. So it also has to do  something with a food blog.

Just an example: With food you have boxes like Vegans, Vegetarians and people who eat meat – just to name a few…  Now you’re sitting in a plane to anywhere and Vegetarians, Vegans, etc. do get their meals first. You might get upset or not, but you’ve already put them into another box than you are in.

We just live in a time where we too quickly put people into boxes, but maybe we have more in common than what we think…

And what do you think?!


Scarlette ❤