Wonder waffles are wonderful

Hey ho everyone!

Here we’re about to end another Semester. Right now it’s time to  finish all exams and in about two weeks our holidays gonna start. So my best friends and me started a new tradition in our friendship.

Now everytime before the holidays start we will go to Wonder Waffels – a waffle store near us – and eat Waffles !! Isn’t that a great tradition??!! Yeah I thought so too!

It was amazing, you go in this waffle store and  you can choose between so many diffrent toppings and even put several on. The price isn’t too bad either.

So but if you don’t have such a great store near by, but you have a waffle iron at home, I have a really delicious recipe for you.

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A Turkish culinary experience in Hamburg

Hey go everyone! 

I hope you had a great weekend. I definitely  had, I’ve skyped with my friend Anne,  from the Netherlands. We’ve talked  for hours. Talking about the good old days,  it brought back some good memories. One of them was our spontaneous weekend  trip to Hamburg, Germany. 

There we’ve  done all the typical tourist things. Like going on a boat trip, sightseeing  in the city, watching the musical “The Lion King “, taking selfies in front of  famous  buildings,  visiting the “Kietz” and the “Reeperbahn” and of course visiting  some awesome restaurants. 

One of these  was the cute little Turkish restaurant “Peacetanbul”

They have really nice staff and a great atmosphere. And their food is delicious. 

This is a vegetarian burger with goat cheese and fries.

And this one are caneloni filled with spinach  and feta. 

Everything  is really  yummy and  looks really good.  They staff is really  fast and friendly. 

So if you’ll ever be in Hamburg  and you’re looking for a great  place to  eat, go to “Peacetanbul”. You won’t regret it! 


Scarlette  ❤

Chocolate overload

Hey ho everyone!

When I was in New Zealand some girls and I went  to this cute little restaurant in Hamilton every tuesday night. Cause tuesday nights they have dessert night! That means all Desserts half Price !!! And they have so many diffrent, yummy  things you just want to try all! Chocolate brownies, Cocolate cake, Chocolate Fondue, Cheese cake, Icecream variations and more. and then there was the chocolate overload…

The chocolate overlod is basically all desserts in one! And because I love chocolate so much my best friend and I took the chocolate overload. It’s really filling and we couldn’t eat all up, but it was sooo delish!!


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