About me

Hey there guys!

I’m Scarlette Morgan and I live in Montreal, Canada. …

– Don’t worry I wont write a whole book about my life in here 😉 –


OK. So I was born at the 15th of May 1991. My family consists of my parents Mark and Lisa, and my two brothers Sam and Chris. I’m the sandwich – child you could say. 🙂 And not to forget my dog Snickerdoodles – but we just call her Doodles. I got her for my  18th birthday.

So you see I’ve always had a thing for sweet treats!  Also my dad and his mum triggert my fascination for cooking and baking.

Everytime I’ve visited my grandparents I’ve help my grandma to cook lunch and bake cookies. My favorite thing was to stir with a big big spoon and of course eat up the left over chocolate or cookie dough. Who doesn’t love that as a child ?! 🙂

Also cooking with my parents, especially with my dad, was always great fun. We’ve joked around and he told me special stories about the dish or where he’s eaten it for the first time. That’s basically the times where I’ve started to love cooking and baking.

But it’s not just the recreating the dish – I never really follow the recipes- it’s more about to make it your own and create it new. For me cooking and baking is just an other version of creativity. And I really love to be creative.

Other than being creativ in many diffrent ways, I’ve got some other hobbies, too. There is swimming, playing piano, reading , learning new languages and of course going for long walks with Doodles.

I also love to travel! I’m speaking , other than French and English, two more languages, Spanisch and German. After I finished school I traveled a lot. I’ve traveled to thirdteen different contries so far. I’ve stayed in each contry all in all for one month. It’s not quite enough and I’ll definitlly will go back again and visit other contries too.

But right now I need to finish my business study. When I have my degree I wanna open my own small café with bistro.

I think that’s enough for now – I’ve got a bit carried away… 🙂

So have fun exploring my blog!


Scarlette ❤