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What dish comes first to your mind, if someone asks you for danish dishes? I’d think of  smørrebrød! If you don know smørrebrød or open faced sandwich, it’s a buttered rye bread and decorated with all types of toppings.

There are so many different potions of food items as cold cuts – pieces of meat or fish – various paste – salad dressings and cheese. “Smørrebrød” is normally served together with the famous Danish beer and snaps.

This one is a really easy recipe. Just take  some rye bread slices, butter them and fully cover with the basic entrées of either vegetables – seafood or meat choices – and then the many types of tasty topping creations – which altogether is in great harmony with the rest of all the delicious food items on the sandwich.

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Here are 3 versions of popular everyday “Smørrebrød” on rye bread – Tomato  Ham and Egg and Potato – all pieces garnished and flavoured with various vegetables – seasonings and dressings.

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 Here is the popular and national old timer – the marinated herring – as an open faced sandwich.

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A classic example of a high topped Danish “Smørrebrød” – open faced sandwich – and a genuine piece of art with high-quality raw minced meat from the fillet of beef on thick rye bread and butter – lettuce – raw egg yoke – raw onions and capers – jelly gravy and horseradish – sour beetroot and cucumber. Some like the dish added with pickles. Beef Tatar is a real rustic open faced sandwich and treat.

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Here are two classic pieces of “Smørrebrød”. Roast Beef with curry dressing on lettuce and cucumber – sprinkled with spring onions. And Salted Meat on liver paste – which is spread over a base of lettuce and cucumber – and sprinkled with spring onions – plus topped with a thick slice of jelly gravy. The Salted Meat and Liver Paste “smørrebrød” is better known by the Danes as the “Veterinarians Night Snack Sandwich”. (Dyrelægens Natmad)

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The “Stjerneskud” is a Danish Classic on the “Smørrebrød” menu – and the most selected and eaten open faced sandwich in Denmark. This popular “Smørrebrød” consist of a base of buttered rustic rye bread – two pieces of battered plaice fillets (rødspætte) – a piece of steamed white fish rolled. On top is piled a mound of fine fresh shrimps – which is then decorated with a dollop of remoulade – black or red caviar – and nicely cut lemon slices. Then a piece of salmon rolled around green asparagus – cucumber – tomato slices and lettuce. Finally – a boiled egg divide into half’s´- and fresh dill. These are the main ingredients to prepare a “Stjerneskud” the Danish way.

Have  it your way! Enjoy!


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