Cactus in a Cocktail?!

Hey ho everyone!

It’s Friday … That means cocktail time!!!

Do you like facy cocktails?! Well I do love them… I like them even more if they’re homemade and have special (and crazy) ingredients!

So here now is a very special recipe for a cocktail made with prickly pears.





1 Prickly Pear

1 tabelspoon brown sugar

3 cl light rum or vodka

1 cl triple sec

Soda/ Ginger Ale

Cubed Ice


1. Scoop the flesh out of the prickly pear and put it together with the brown sugar in the glas.

2. Muddle the fruit and sugar.

3. Add rum/ vodka and triple sec.

4. Add cubed ice.

5. Top with Soda or Ginger Ale.



Scarlette ❤


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